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Ovesco Clip System

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OTSC System

Use of the OTSC® System Set

The OTSC® System Set is an instrument for flexible endoscopy. It can be used for compression of tissue in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, for haemostasis or for treating gastrointestinal organ wall lesions, and for marking of lesions. The clip OTSC® is specially designed for the treatment of perforations and lesions of the stomach.

The OTSC® System Set

The OTSC® System Set consists of an applicator cap with a mounted OTSC® clip, thread, thread retriever and a hand wheel for clip release.

The OTSC® clip is delivered by means of an applicator cap mounted to the tip of gastroscopes or colonoscopes. The clip is released by tightening the thread with the hand wheel.

The OTSC® clip for flexible endoscopy is a super elastic Nitinol device for compression and approximation of tissue in the digestive tract. Based on its unique design the clip closes itself and firmly anchors the tissue to be compressed for haemorrhage or closure of a GI organ wall lesion. Due to its smart material properties, OTSC® clip delivers constant force at the implantation site securing the therapeutic effect. The OTSC® clip is made of a biocompatible and MR conditional material and can remain in the body as a long-term implant.

OTSC Anchor

Use of the OTSC® Anchor

The OTSC® Anchor can be used for better approximation of tissue especially when indurated (e.g. fistulae, chronic ulcer). It also facilitates targeting of lesions, e.g. in the treatment of haemorrhage, the OTSC® Anchor allows precise alignment between the target tissue and the applicator cap.

OTSC Twin Grasper

Use of the OTSC® Twin Grasper®

The OTSC® Twin Grasper® is one of the OTSC® application aids and facilitates the approximation of gaping edges of a lesion before release of the OTSC® clip. It has two jaws which can be opened separately.

200.11 OTSC Anchor 220tt, 220cm
200.45 OTSC Twin Grasper, 220cm
200.60 OTSC®  Proctology Clip
200.62 Fistula Brush
200.70 FTRD
100.10 OTSC System w. Pointed Clip, 11/6t 165cm
100.14 OTSC System w. Pointed Clip, 14/6t 220cm
100.31 OTSC System w. Pointed Clip, 12/6t 220cm
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