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Ambu® aScope™ Duodeno

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Ambu® aScope Duodeno

Addresses concerns about patient cross-contamination

Even with the most advanced reprocessing, there is always a risk, however small, of patient cross-contamination. The FDA has called for an innovative solution to this issue. aScope Duodeno solves the problem.

aScope Duodeno is a sterile single-use duodenoscope for ERCP procedures. It helps you address concerns about patient cross-contamination and patient safety.

Sterile straight from the pack

aScope Duodeno eliminates the risk of patient cross-contamination because you receive a new sterile scope straight from the pack for every procedure.

No need for reprocessing or repair

With single-use, there is no need for reprocessing or repair. As a result, you can free up staff to focus on other valuable tasks.

A seamless transition

The single-use aScope Duodeno is designed to deliver the performance of conventional duodenoscopes.



A new sterile, single-use duodenoscope straight from the pack for every procedure.

Streamlines your workflow

With no reprocessing or repair, you have the opportunity to free up resources and increase efficiency.

Simple set up

Open the pack, connect aScope Duodeno to the aBox™ Duodeno unit, and the system is ready.

Cost transparency

With single-use, there are no long-term service contracts or leasing agreements.

Consistent quality

The single-use concept means you don’t have to deal with products that deteriorate or technology that becomes outdated.

Familiar design

The level of control and stability you are used to – including elevator control for the precise positioning of accessories.

Ergonomically engineered

With its rippled-surface handle and light weight (54% less than a typical reusable scope), aScope Duodeno is designed for control and comfort no matter how long the procedure.


4.2 mm working channel

For the insertion of compatible endoscopic accessories, rinsing and suction.

High-Definition imaging

Camera connects to aBox unit to give you a clear image of the mucosa and anatomical structures in the upper GI tract.

Dual LEDs in distal tip

Enhances illumination to improve papilla view without requiring an additional light cable, providing a 130° wide field of view.

Rounded tip design

For smooth and easy insertion (intubation).

Four-way bending angulation

The levers are used to bend the distal end up 120°, down 90°, right 110° and left 90°.

Elevator function for ERCP

Up/Down lever gives you the level of control you are used to for precise positioning.

Three programmable remote switches

Use switch 1 to capture images; switches 2 and 3 are easy to set on the aBox menu, selecting additional functions as desired.

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