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MiniONE® Non-Balloon

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Product Specifications

MiniONE® Non-Balloon Button Anatomy

Why the Non-Balloon Option?

  • Extended Life
    Internal silicone retention bolster may last much longer than balloon devices.
  • An Alternative
    Ideal for patients who do not tolerate balloon buttons due to anatomy or differences in gastric environment
  • Smaller Bolster
    A smaller internal bolster occupies less gastric space

Insertion & Removal of the Obturated MiniONE® Non-Balloon Button:

The Non-Balloon Button is always inserted and removed by a qualified clinician.

Non-Balloon Benefits:

  • No balloon to fail
  • Insertion/Removal tool distends bolster to smaller profile
  • Internal bolster is smaller than a balloon (less likely to block the pylorus
  • Internal dome provides more holes/openings for better feeding and venting


Internal view of bolster deployment of the Obturated MiniONE® Non-Balloon Button:

Insertion of the Obturated MiniONE® Non-Balloon Button:

Removal of the Obturated MiniONE® Non-Balloon Button:

MiniONE® Non-Balloon Button Sizes

Part Numbers & Ordering Information.

The AMT MiniONE® Non-Balloon Buttons come in a variety of sizes to fit our customer needs.

  • Healthcare Professionals can order with established NET30 terms or Prepayment/Credit Card.
  • Patients can order directly, via Prepaid/Credit Card with a prescription, however, we do not process medical billing.

NOTE: Placement/Removal is to be performed by a qualified clinician.

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