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The Insides System

Why should you choose endoscopic weight loss?

Take back control of your life by taking control of your weight.

  • Apollo ESG and REVISE will help you to lose weight effectively with minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures.

  • No incisions or scars with a quick recovery time.

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For the effective chyme reinfusion treatment of enterocutaneous fistulas and high-output enterostomies

Under the standard care pathway, patients recovering from colorectal surgery often have an enterostomy created to divert intestinal contents (chyme) away from the surgical site as it heals.

The enterostomy is typically left open for 6-12 months, and during this time, the chyme that is collected is disposed which can result in intestinal failure

The Insides System, is a chyme reinfusion solution, which enables diverting enterostomy, and enterocutaneous patients to reinfuse chyme back into their intestine, allowing them to recommence oral feeding and reduce length of stay in hospital.

Key Clinical Benefits of Chyme Reinfusion
Patients able to recommence oral feeding

Increase in nutritional risk index by 10.9 (± 9.5) with a 85% reduction in intestinal losses

Limiting gut atrophy and inflammation

Prevents dehydration and reduces the potential for chronic kidney disease

53% reduction in plasma liver test abnormalities

>91% of patients weaned off parenteral nutrition within a median of 2 days (± 9)

A world-first device that delivers significant clinical outcomes and economic savings

The Insides® System enables patients to recommence oral feeding and wean off the expensive therapy of parenteral nutrition. This reduces their length of stay in hospital and potential complications.

The Insides® Driver

Connects magnetically to The Insides® Pump via the outside of the patient's ostomy appliance whenever the patient needs to power the pump and refeed the content of the ostomy appliance back into their distal intestine.

*The Insides® System is not available in other markets.

The Insides® Pump

Sits within the ostomy appliance, and pumps the chyme into the distal intestine via The Insides® Tube

The Insides® Tube

Inserted into the distal intestine and connected to The Insides® Pump, serving as a conduit for chyme

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