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Injection Needles

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Carr-Locke Needle

  • The Carr-Locke injection needle, developed to perform in the most tortuous conditions, has become the everyday needle of choice for many around the world.
  • Patented design ensures consistent needle projection every time
  • Stainless steel, Teflon coated, spring sheath virtually eliminates sheath kinking
  • Luer-lock, spring-loaded handle automatically retracts the needle, reducing the risk of inadvertent needle sticks and scope damage

The Articulator Needle

The Articulator™ injection needle is a reliable, yet affordable, needle ideal for everyday use and dependable enough for the most immediate needs. From saline assisted polypectomy to oesophageal varices, ulcers, and tattooing, the Articulator™ injection needle is the steadfast choice for injection therapy.

  • Luer-lock, spring-loaded handle that helps promote maximum needle projection, while protecting against scope damage and inadvertent needle sticks
  • Kink resistant, stainless steel sheath to pass smoothly and perform in articulated endoscopes
  • Stainless steel hub to aid in tamponade and help ensure only the needle penetrates the mucosa

Mr Spike

Injection needle used for injection therapy in the GI tract

  • User-friendly and comfortable handle operation
  • Strong and super lubricated outer sheath allows for easy advancement through tortuous anatomy through the endoscope channel
  • Unique section design of needle tip
  • Sterilized, single-use to prevent patient cross-contamination

Codes & Specs:

00711807 Articulator Injection Needle 25 gauge, 2.5mm x 230cm
00711811 Carr-Locke Injection Needle 25 gauge, 2.5mm x 230cm
FMC-MS230 Mr Spike Injection Needle, 25G x 5mm, 2.3mm x 230cm Sheath
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