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X-Panda Dilation Balloon

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  • Apollo ESG and REVISE will help you to lose weight effectively with minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures.

  • No incisions or scars with a quick recovery time.

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X-Panda Dilation Balloon

Dilation balloons for the dilation of the oesophagus, pylorus, biliary and intestinal tracts

  • Latex-free, high pressure resistant balloon to ensure safe dilatation
  • Radiopaque markers for easy visualisation under X-Ray
  • 0.035” Guide wire compatible
  • Optional 60ml inflation device with the ability to provide quick inflation and deflation

Codes & Specs:

FMC-XP0840B X-Panda Biliary Dilation Balloon, 8mm x 4cm
FMC-XP1040B X-Panda Biliary Dilation Balloon, 10mm x 4cm
FMC-XP1880E X-Panda Oesophageal Dilation Balloon, 18 x 8cm
FMC-XP2080E X-Panda Oesophageal Dilation Balloon, 20 x 8cm
FMC-XP3580E X-Panda Oesophageal Dilation Balloon, 35 x 8cm
1730 Duralon Occlusion Balloons, 13.5mm Balloon 7Fr to 5fr x 200cm Distal Inject
FMC-ID X-Panda Inflation Device
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