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Pancreatic Stent

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Pancreatic Stent:

Taewoong Niti-S Stents

Pancreatic Stent & Electrocautery Stent Delivery System

Lumen-apposing Metal Stent for the drainage of pancreatic pseudocyst or a gallbladder through a transgastric or transduodenal approach. Pre-loaded on the Electrocautery Delivery System.


for the drainage of pancreatic pseudocyst or a gallbladder through a transgastric or transduodenal approach


Lumen-apposing SPAXUS Stent

• Prevents migration and maintains anastomotic conduit between two adjacent organs

• The flexible flare design helps accommodative apposition regardless of the wall thickness

• 8, 10, 16mm diameters enable to apply to various indications

Electrocautery-enabled delivery system

• Select the pad specified by generator manufacturer

• Set to Pure Cut Mode 80-120 Watts, 400-500Vp

• Connect the plug to the electrosurgical unit with a compatible active cable

Electrocautery-enabled delivery system

• Step 1. When the outer X-ray marker overlaps with the inner X-ray marker

 → The distal flange is completely opened

• Step 2. When the blue marker is visible under endoscopic view

 → Start opening proximal flange

Codes and Specs:

1052082001 Hot Spaxus 2cm LAMS with body diameter of 16mm an Flare diameter of 31mm.
1052083001 Hot Spaxus 2cm LAMS with body diameter of 10mm an Flare diameter of 25mm.
1052318001 Hot Spaxus 2cm LAMS with body diameter of 8mm an Flare diameter of 23mm.
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