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SmartBand Ligation Kits

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SmartBand® SafeGrip™ Multi-Band LigationKit

Scientifically designed to improve ligation performance

SmartBand SafeGrip ® ™ 

Multi-Band Ligation Kit 

Anti-Slip Band Designed for Retention 

SmartBand SafeGrip’s Anti-Slip band design provides on  average 33% more gripping capability, to keep the band  

on the varix . The unique Anti-Slip band structure potentially leads to less band slippage to confidently treat the  patient. 

Intuitive Setup 

SmartBand improves on  device setup with an  intuitive hook and loop  theme that helps to load the device correctly

33% More Gripping Capability on Average 

the first time.

SmartBand Ligation Kits

  • 2 x shelf life – Twice the effective band life maximizing inventory efficiencies.
  • Revolutionary, single-hub ligation handle allows for full-functionality with the simplicity of a one-way rotation for band deployment.
  • Latex free.
  • 100% band retention power – Experience the feeling of SmartBand bands as they “snap” off the barrel. This same elasticity will be applied to the tissue to ensure that the ligation procedure is effective.
  • Optimized 360° view, without having to sacrifice a band
  • Advanced friction-fit barrel is compatible with the widest range of upper GI endoscopes from 8.6mm to 11.6mm.
  • Improve endoscopic view during the procedure by using the dedicated flush port.
  • Enhanced ergonomic control with recessed finger grooves.
  • Larger handle stem inner diameter, 9.8Fr, ensures maximum suction and flushing capabilities.
  • Improve endoscopic view during the procedure by using the dedicated flush port.

Codes & Specs:

SLK-6 Smartband Ligation Kit(Loading Device + 6 Bands)
SLP-6 Smartband Ligation Pack(6 additional bands)‍
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