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Why should you choose endoscopic weight loss?

Take back control of your life by taking control of your weight.

  • Apollo ESG and REVISE will help you to lose weight effectively with minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures.

  • No incisions or scars with a quick recovery time.

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Exacto Cold Snare

The Exacto® cold snare is a purpose built cold snare clinically proven to safely and effectively resect diminutive polyp tissue

The wire diameter of the Exacto® snare is 33% thinner than traditional braided wires allowing for a precise and clean cold resection


  • Ideal for challenging EMR cases
  • Holds form/shape after many resections
  • Capable of grabbing scarred, adherent polypoid tissue
  • Very good for flat/smaller & more difficult parts of lesion
  • Resected difficult polyps in challenging retroflexed position
  • Technicians liked the tactical feel and grabbed tissue easily
  • Smooth operation and easy to handle
  • Cuts through faster than standard braided snares
  • Injection needles, polyp traps, and/or nets were used in
  • majority of cases.

Lariat 3in1 snare

iSnare System – Lariat Snare
The iSnare® system – Lariat® snare is ideal for minimizing procedure time and optimizing clinical outcomes during submucosal injection polypectomy procedures including EMR (endoscopic mucosal resection) and SAP (saline assisted polypectomy).

  • Features an alternating injection needle and snare operated by a multi-functional handle
  • Unique design offers three distinct sizes and shapes in one device helping to address a variety of resection needs

Rotator Polyp Snare

The Rotator polypectomy snare easily rotates with one-handed manipulation for individualized orientation, addressing a variety of anatomical findings.

Codes & Specs:

00711115 Exacto Cold Snare 2.4mm x 230cm (Snare = 9mm)
00711117 Histolock Resection Device  2.4mm x 230cm (Snare = 14x27mm)
00711119 Lariat 3in1 Snare 2.4 x 230cm (Snare = Oval/Hexagonal/Diamond)
00711120 Rotator Polyp Snare  Oval 2.4mm x 230cm (Snare = 25x54mm)
00711121 Rotator Polyp Snare Mini Oval 2.4mm x 230cm )Snare = 12.5x30mm)

Roth Net Retrieval Nets

Roth Net Foreign Body Retrieval Devices

The Roth Net® retriever and Roth Net® Platinum® retrievers are ideal for food impaction and foreign body extraction such as coins or marbles past the cricopharyngeus. The octagonal design of the Roth Net®Platinum® retriever features a spring-like action and is designed to open to maximum capacity while maintaining its shape within the oesophagus, even after multiple passes. The large-capacity, reinforced retrieval net also provides strength and security, especially when removing round, blunt objects that are hard to grasp and hold during foreign body retrieval.

Roth Net Specialty Retrieval Devices

Specialty Roth Net® retrievers are available to address unique retrieval situations. This includes mini-sized retrieval nets for small foreign bodies and maxi-sized retrievers for large foreign bodies, such as AA batteries. US Endoscopy also offers an enteroscopic retriever designed for excised polyp removal in the small bowel. The wide selection of Roth Net® retrieval devices in a variety of sizes makes it easy to find the right one for specific applications.

Roth Net Polyp Retrieval Devices

The Roth Net® Platinum® polyp retriever device makes colon polyp removal quick and easy. The polyp net is made of a more transparent netting material, which improves visibility during a polypectomy. The unique spring-like design and oversized pouch simplifies large polyp removal as well as the collection of multiple polyps or polyp fragments, while preserving the morphology of specimens for histopathologic review. Roth Net® retrievers are also available in smaller, rounder net designs for enhanced manoeuvrability in the small colon.

Codes & Specs:

00711050 Roth Net® Foreign Body Retrieval Standard
00711150 Roth Net® Polyp Retrieval Standard
00711155 Roth Net® Food Bolus Retrieval Standard
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