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Duralock- C

DuraLock-C Pre filled Syringes, packed in fully sterile sets. In addition to the already proven benefits of trisodium citrate catheter lock solution, pre filled syringes increase overall procedural efficiency and remove the risk from needle sticks and glass particle injections. Furthermore, while other prefilled cellophane wrapped syringes offer a sterile pathway only, we take ours a step further and fully sterilize the outside of the syringe as well as the fluid path.

Studies have demonstrated that Trisodium Citrate (TSC) is highly effective as a catheter locking solution. In addition to being an anticoagulant, TSC has demonstrated antibacterial activity across a broad spectrum of microbes. Another study, commenting on TSC’s anticoagulant character, found a dramatically reduced incidence of thrombolytic intervention in tunnelized haemodialysis catheters.

* Most importantly and most recently, Weijmer, et al , in a multi-centered, prospective, randomized comparison with heparin and TSC, demonstrated clear superiority of TSC over heparin.

DuraLock-C™ is a concentrated trisodium citrate solution, which has been shown to greatly reduce the incidence of catheter related infections.

DuraLock-C™ prevents catheter related clotting1,3, maintaining efficient blood flow rates. Clinical practice shows a reduction of at least 70% of the use of thrombolytic agents like Urokinase/TPA.

DuraLock-C™ prevents the formation of catheter lumen biofilm. Biofilm contributes to catheter related bacteria.

Features & Benefits
Fully Sterile Tyvek® Pouches Reduces the risk of nosocomial infection, in comparison to glass vials and fluid path only syringe packaging.

  • Improved Catheter Patency
    (30% and 46.7% Concentration)
    Fewer catheter withdrawals due to complications.
  • Reduced Infections
    Lower rate of catheter-related bacteraemia.
  • Needleless
    Pre-filled syringes eliminate the need for cumbersome needle withdrawal.
    Economical (4% Concentration)
    Reduces the cost of interdialytic anticoagulation by as much as 85%.
  • Efficient
    Pouched syringes save nursing time treating patients coming off dialysis.

Available in the following concentrations: 4% 30% & 46.7%

Duralock-C over Heparin

Central venous catheters are usually locked with heparin after treatment. Clinical practice and leading publications show that heparin promotes the growth of biofilm in the catheter and promotes the growth of bacteria. Heparin also generates bleeding risks after catheter insertion and after catheter locking.

Codes & Specs:

PFDLC530 DuraLock-C™ 30% – Catheter Locking Device 2 x 2.5ml prefilled syringes
PFDLC546 DuraLock-C™ 46.7% – Catheter Locking Device 2 x 2.5ml prefilled syringes
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