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Bite Blocks

Why should you choose endoscopic weight loss?

Take back control of your life by taking control of your weight.

  • Apollo ESG and REVISE will help you to lose weight effectively with minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures.

  • No incisions or scars with a quick recovery time.

  • Long-term weight loss that is easy to maintain that is super safe and low risk.

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Standard Bite Block

  • latex-free strap
  • The standard bite block from US Endoscopy is made of sturdy, yet forgiving latex-free material protecting delicate instruments and providing comfort for patients.
  • With dental retention rim

Maxi Bite Block

  • Latex-free strap
  • The Maxi bite block – Latex-Free Strap – is made of sturdy, yet forgiving material protecting delicate instruments and providing comfort for patients.
  • With dental retention rim

OXYGUARD® Oxygenating Mouthguard

Oxyguard® is the original disposable oxygenating Mouthguard, delivering oxygen to both the nose and mouth during intubation, to help reduce post procedure recovery times. Ideal for longer lasting procedures such as ERCP’s.

  • Unique oxygen nasal port
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Delivers oxygen to both the mouth and nose
  • Saves time and effort
  • Improves patient comfort
  • Disposable – single use

Codes & Specs:

00712801 Standard Bite Block with Strap 48 FR
00712804 Maxi Bite Block with Strap 60 FR
00712840 Oxy Guard Bite Block
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