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GerdX Launches in South Africa

First Medical Company is so proud to announce that the G-Surg GmbH GerdX device for reflux has been successfully launched in South Africa.

We would like to say a special thank you to Dr. Wilandi Jacobs (Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital and Century City Intercare, Cape Town) for being our pioneer doctor, with first four very successful cases using the GerdX device. We are so proud of our First Medical Company team, Lyndi Krugmann, and Colleen Demaine, for ensuring the success of this launch. A big thank you to Julian Mair from G-Surg GmbH for coming from Germany to assist us with the launch of GerdX. #Gerdx #reflux #endoscopy #PPI #heartburn #fundoplication #eFTP Visit our website to find out more about this wonderful device

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